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Pure Calendar Widget integration (Android)

mickem says:

It would be nice if you could provide integration with the Pure Calendar widget,

Pure calendar widget is the best(?) agenda widget which gives a really nice "overview" of what I have to do today (in terms of calendar and tasks).

Unfortunately non of the current providers allows RTM tasks to be showed. Before I could do this using Astrid but this is no longer possible as you disallowed them to use your API.

Posted at 7:32pm on June 26, 2011

mickem says:

Out of curiosity why do people down-vote this?

Posted 4 years ago

tomasvaril says:

I think this topic is more for developer of Pure Calendar Widget. Vote her http://pureapps.uservoice.com/forums/81289-pure-calendar-widget/suggestions/1973051-integration-with-official-rtm-client for make your dreams come true ;-)

Posted 4 years ago

kenrickj says:

Francois DESLANDESAdminFrancois DESLANDES (Admin, EURL Francois DESLANDES) responded · March 20, 2012

03/04/2012 : RTM team contacted.
03/20/2012 : RTM never replied. Please, contact them directly to push the request.

So, maybe the problem is on this side?

Posted 3 years ago

hape_we says:

i would really appreciate this feature too ....

Posted 3 years ago

bkbuckley says:

as would i!

Posted 2 years ago

andre.gass says:

I would like this feature too.

Posted 2 years ago

ignotus0001 Pro says:

Add me to the list of those wanting Pure Calendar integration

Posted 2 years ago

vandergiezen says:

Yes, would be very good. Pure Calendar provides a very clean interface indeed. RTM interaction is unexpectedly missing...booh


Posted 2 years ago

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