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After the addition of a new task, keep it selected

serodmat says:

This way we can perform any operation (e.g. adding a note with "y") without the need to use the mouse...

Posted at 8:02am on June 24, 2011

malcolm.davey says:

At least enable a configuration option, so people who don't like it don't have to use it.

Posted 4 years ago

serodmat says:

¿But is there any side effect of having the task selected just after its creations?

If you are adding several tasks, you still can add a new one even if the one you added just before is selected. And having the last one always selected allows you to quickly add information that is missing and you did not add, e.g.:
- You want to add the task "call my mom ^tomorrow"
- You forget "^tomorrow" and you only add "call my mom"
- The task is already selected, so you can quickly set the due date: you type "d" then "tomorrow".

Posted 4 years ago

ignotus0001 Pro says:

I'm not sure if this is the right solution or not, but I think so. Here is the problem, and it's a HUGE one for me: All too often I add a task but want to add a note, particularly a url address. So I add the task using keyboard shortcuts, but then I have to scroll through to find the newly-added task and then add the note. Very time consuming!

Posted 2 years ago

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