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2x4 widget

retohaeberli says:

I think a 2x4 widget would be very helpful. Others i.e. gtasks have this size. It's optimal imho since it does not take to much of the screen and due to it's width you're also able to read longer task descriptions.

Posted at 10:25am on June 23, 2011

Launchedemily (Remember The Milk) says:

Android widgets are now both scrollable and resizable (yay!), as of version 2.0.9, so you can make your own 2x4 widget. :) Android 3.1+ is required. See the blog post for more details.

Posted 3 years ago

mickem says:

Why not instead go with a configuration app where you can set which size the app should register. Thus allowing you to have pretty much any size (within reason) you want...

Posted 4 years ago

rsclafani Pro says:

Alternatively, a more customizable widget in general (i.e. background color). Some people don't like the offensive white background and large header

Posted 4 years ago

retohaeberli says:

Absolutely agree

Posted 4 years ago

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