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Drag and drop to reorder tasks

versteeg.p says:

It would be great if a drag and drop functionality would be added, so it would be possible to manually order my tasks within a list and between lists.

Posted at 7:40pm on June 17, 2011

delta.echo says:

yup - need drag & drop reordering!

Posted 3 years ago

michaelkearsey says:

Yep, I think it needs this too.

Posted 3 years ago

jlous says:

Count me in. A lot of GTD-systems and agile processes use queuing rather than scheduling, and thea makes explicit ordering really valuable.

Posted 3 years ago

vulcanchen says:

really need this.

Posted 3 years ago

juliusz.gonera Pro says:

+1. Ordering by priority is a chore

Posted 2 years ago

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