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Ability to duplicate tasks

manfred.dasselaar says:

I just came back to remember the milk after a long time away and must say I love the iPad app. It's fast, it syncs automatically, does all that it needs to do and looks great.

One thing that I do miss from the desktop version is to duplicate a task (in the "more actions" menu).

Will you add this in the near future? - A double finger left or right swipe could do the trick or a "duplicate task" option in the ... more options menu.

Posted at 6:28am on June 16, 2011

lfochtmann Pro says:

I agree that this is really essential for me.

Posted 3 years ago

rolf.kroeger says:

yes this might be userful for tasks which we have to do periodically

Posted 3 years ago

kerrpe says:

I would like this for Android.

Posted 3 years ago

margaret.winn Pro says:

Yes, please. I'm almost 100% on my iPad but have to go back to the web application in order to duplicate my templates (long lists of tasks to be performed in a certain order at an irregular interval, so "repeat every" or "repeat after" won't work. I need to, say, kick off a completed project review, so I pull up the project review template (smartlist drawing from a separate physical list that just has a variety of tasks coded to different Templates on it) and duplicate everything, set tags, set due date, etc. LOVE the iPad app otherwise.

Posted 3 years ago

blacksir Pro says:

I'm missing duplicate task feature so much on my iPad (and iPhone too)

Posted 2 years ago

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