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Add Kanban boards/functionality

sabrinah says:

Like http://kanbantool.com

Or integrate with that tool via http://kanbantool.com/about/api ?

Posted at 6:22pm on June 10, 2011

aklefdal Pro says:

With RememberTheMilk as it is today, it is perfoect for small tasks that has to be done on a given day. For larger tasks, that might be main work at home for several days, there is no great support.

I would like to handle the unscheduled tasks in a kanban style. For instnce with the following columns: Backlog, This Week, Doing, Done/Completed

Posted 2 years ago

pvdkrogt says:

yes kanban is a real must, could be as simple as showing the different task lists in one window and add a doing and done area with drag and drop function

Posted 2 years ago

okeanos says:

A kanban style view would be great and a reason to keep using rtm. It could be done easily by adding a view which uses the lists. Any list with a flag "kanban" would be shown in the new kanban view.

Posted 2 years ago

abbyct says:

Yes, kanban style/integration would be really great. RTM is useful for keeping a list of everything that needs to get done (where/when/everywhichway) but having a way of visualizing those tasks when I start to work would be killer.

Posted 2 years ago

randyvee says:

Another +1 (or +2 as a pro ;-) for this idea. I use RTM to capture all my gross level todos, especially since I've always got it with me. However, I'm increasingly using a kanban tool (in my case KanbanFlow) for visualization and more micro task management. Means I have to manual migrate things from RTM to the kanban view.

Posted 2 years ago

iaind1957 says:

+2 from me also. I really need the visual aspect to properly get a handle on my life - I'm one of those people who always say YES to something new exciting and a key reason is that just looking at a count of tasks doesn't give me the visual feedback about whether I have the capacity to take something on or not...

Posted 1 year ago

wintamute Pro says:

+2, having a way to visualize tasks would be great. Using 2 different tools doesn't make much sense.

Posted 1 year ago

hasuf Pro says:

+2. Using kanban2go now, but would gladly move all that stuff over to RTM.

Posted 1 year ago

jostick Pro says:

+2, this would be a great feature.

Posted 1 year ago

robert.strauch says:

+2 from me, too!

Posted 1 year ago

ariadne_cycles Pro says:

Agreed, this would be great - am just learned about kanban and would love to incorporate it with RTM

Posted 1 year ago

ariadne_cycles Pro says:

just 'learning'!

Posted 1 year ago

ariadne_cycles Pro says:

I'm trying to work out if I can set up a connection between RTM, Evernote and kanban2go to get something working, but it might be too complex...

Posted 1 year ago

jwander14 Pro says:

+2 for a kanbanflow.com layout...giddyup!

Posted 11 months ago

robscottnorton says:


Posted 8 months ago

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