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Show overdue tasks separate from today's tasks

jchirschy says:

That way, the today's tab doesn't include the tasks that are in late.

Posted at 9:52am on June 9, 2011

kjkoster Pro says:

The effect of having overdue in today's task list as it is in the mobile client is that it feels like a massive list that I can never complete. The web UI does the right thing by making today really today. That gives me the feeling that I can complete all of today's tasks. The mobile client UI is just depressing.

With the new UI on the mobile client, I notice that there is room just to ad another line just before "today" and after "This Week". You could put "overdue" there with not much effort.

It would make a world of difference for me, because then I get the feeling I can reach that green bar at least for today. The current mobile UI prevents me from having that feeling, and I have to use the web UI.

(yes, I commented the same for the Android app, but that was a mistake)

Posted 3 years ago

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