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Passcode lock (so my kids don't mess up my tasks)

abhmn says:

My kids like my iPad - and I bet your kids too. RTM icon looks as a quite attractive game - which creates a risk that my kids will enter it and delete some important stuff. Best way to avoid it is to have optional passcode lock...

Posted at 7:03pm on June 2, 2011

freeasinspeech says:

As long as it's a configurable option, sounds like a great idea.

Posted 3 years ago

isim says:

Simple 4 digits pin is enough, with option "lock after: immediately, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes". I use it with Dropbox and Evernote to keep my notes protected against kids. For RTM I have to destroy account and log again

Posted 3 years ago

uter Pro says:

Would be perfect to have !!!

Posted 3 years ago

darrens23 says:

Please implement the same passcode lock option that is on Catch Notes

Posted 3 years ago

ptmakela Pro says:

This would be a very useful feature as tasks are very personal.

Posted 2 years ago

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