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Automatically move emailed in tasks to particular lists using rules

klaasjanelzinga says:

Configure some rules that process incoming tasks in the inbox. If for example a message arrives with amazon in the subject, it is configured to be moved to the list Shop.

Posted at 7:46am on May 28, 2011

alecbrown says:

Fantastic idea, something I have been wanting for ages, when my rail ticket runs out each month I get emailed, when my electricity compay want me to read my meters they email me, etc, if I could forward on those email to create a tasks that are on my task list on my phone, I would be so happy.

Posted 4 years ago

klaasdepoel Pro says:

Came here, looking for just this.
Thumbs up.

(hey same first name, woohoo)

Posted 4 years ago

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