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Google Contacts integration

justin.constant says:

It would be nice for Google Contacts integration so that we can more easily use the location feature

Posted at 4:51pm on May 26, 2011

mahinirb says:

Also, you could add a contact to a task, which would automatically give you their phone number, email address -- which you should be able to touch and dial/text/email via an app.

Posted 3 years ago

debuck3 Pro says:

When I have a task to "Call", I'd love to see a pop-up list upon typing (like when you type ^) to select from my contact list. Then, it would put the name into the task name and the phone # as a task note. Boom boom. Done. That'd be great!!

Posted 2 years ago

larrinski Pro says:

This is a great idea!!!!

Posted 2 years ago

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