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Make open to all devices

weirdhero says:

This interface (which should work on any webkit browser) is currently blocked to anyone who does not have an iPhone.

Posted at 4:06pm on May 23, 2011

rtavadia says:

Seems to work fine on my Galaxy Nexus and HP Touchpad. Resolved?

Posted 3 years ago

burnblue says:

Not just webkit. No reason it shouldn't work on IE9 for WP7.

And why is a website pro-only just because it's in a phone layout?

Posted 3 years ago

danielf847 says:

I wasn't able to access it on a kindle, which is supposed to be webkit yes? (I know its not a touch screen device, but I want the longer lists (more than 9 items >.<)

Posted 3 years ago

jaykaplon Pro says:

When I access it I get the same text only WAP-like displays as I get at What SHOULD look like?

Posted 2 years ago

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