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Option to remove logo when printing

zshihab says:

Create a more conservative look-and-feel format option for printing lists, task details, notes, and Smart Lists without the RTM icon.

Posted at 2:18pm on May 23, 2011

pwilliams73625 says:

Essential. Like or not some people are narrow minded and when you walk into a business meeting with a list with cow on the top, it sends the wrong message. Yes I'd like not to have to work in that kind of environment and yes some people shouldn't be so narrow minded. But there are lots of things about the world and the people in it I'd change and I can't. But a simple switch to turn off the logo on printing seems like a no-brainer to me.

Posted 4 years ago

aidan.grogan says:

I agree. I'd love to use my company logo. I'd pay for this feature alone.

Posted 4 years ago

bernardo.esteban says:

I use RTM for my job. Can u imagine the face expresion of the customesr when i open my laptop and the screen they most see has a face of a cow on it? ... I love this tool, but i get very embarrased when this hapens.

Please, please, please, ... look for a way of removing the logo when needed ... and create other fun cow logos for private use. Thx.

Posted 3 years ago

rrrichard Pro says:

Yes! Let's have an option to turn off the logo for printing. Having the option to add an alternative logo would be nice - but just turning off the logo would be a good start!

Posted 3 years ago

ajmburke Pro says:

Add another vote for this! Definitely needed.

Posted 2 years ago

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