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Toggl integration

amyr says:

form a partnership with toggl

Posted at 3:16am on May 21, 2011

emmersive says:

This would be great. Both Toggl and RTM are great and would work nicely together.

Posted 3 years ago

cbarsness1 says:

Any progress on this? I am going to try to connect by creating a sync through API tokens, so we'll see....

Posted 3 years ago

jzapin Pro says:

I agree. Make RTM work with Toggl or some other timekeeping app.

Posted 2 years ago

verwinv says:

Toggl released an open source timer to work in other apps recently - would this be modifiable so as to work in RTM? Would love to see this work (and wouldn't know where to begin to make this work myself...)


Posted 1 year ago

vistar Pro says:

Yes, toggle and toggle button be cool.

Posted 1 year ago

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