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Default list upon opening app

vzb says:

I would to have RTM open directly to one of my smart lists when I open it, not to the current day. I find I get distracted by what may technically be "due" today vs staying on task with my @Work list which is all next action items.

Posted at 1:27pm on May 20, 2011

davidbessler says:

I agrees

Posted 3 years ago

blaze_12 says:

me too

Posted 3 years ago

mahinirb says:

Agree. I would extend that to the web version as well.

Posted 3 years ago

casamurphy Pro says:

Yes, adding a setting to select a default list upon page open would make it less likely that a task doesn't fall into the "black hole" of ALL TASKS with NO DUE DATE when in a rush one posts a task upon opening RTM WITHOUT first clicking on the tab of the list that is the current priority in ones life.

IF RTM would at least show the url for list tabs we could do this our selves with our browser favorites settings.

Posted 3 years ago

igorrs Pro says:

You can configure the web version of RTM to skip Overview (go directly to Tasks) when you open it. That way, it will always go straight to your default list (it seems).
To do that, just click "Always skip this page" on the right, in the Overview page.

However, it would certainly be useful for me to set one list as default and another one as the initial page. :)

By the way, I don't know what app you're talking about, but the Android app also allows you to configure your initial page.

Posted 3 years ago

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