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If only one task is mentioned in a reminder, open the task instead of the list

jaap.kramer says:

Currently if you get a reminder about an open task, and that is the only task that has a reminder, when clicking on it, it opens the list. And you still have to click at the task to view and/or complete it.

This is a minor thing, but will increase the user experience and the overal speed of managing a todo list.

Posted at 6:46am on May 20, 2011

luckyladyxx Pro says:

I would prefer that to, and in addition I would like to have an option to snooze the reminder instead of changing the whole task. That would be very helpful for repeating tasks. E.g. I have a weekly task, reminder at 8:00 a.m., but some day I am busy at that time and like to snooze the reminder for 1 or 2 hours, but not change the reminder time of the task. (I had that in astrid and I loved it.)

Posted 2 years ago

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