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Customizable printing (add tags, colored priority, etc)

manveru says:

Printing in RTM is very limited right now. There are a dozen things people are wanting from printing, and the logical solution is to provide more options for the print screen. Personally, I would love to have tags in the print view, as well as colored priorities. Some other people might want to print notes with their tasks, or perhaps the location, time estimate, or url.

Give users the option to print the data about tasks that they want.

P.S., Everybody vote for this one. There are too many small print features suggested here, and I think we can all agree we might like having options better than having any of those features force on us. Let everybody print what they want!

Posted at 4:50pm on May 18, 2011

michael.rickey says:

I like this idea as well. There are times I want just a simple list (as is currently available). Other times, I want my notes included.

Posted 4 years ago

ivophoto says:

+1, and the possibility to change the RTM logo on the print for a custom logo.

Posted 3 years ago

andreas.breitbach says:

Do you know Greasemonkey? There's a very nice script at https://userscripts.org/scripts/show/124116 which does the stuff you (and I) want, even printing tags and due dates :-)

Posted 3 years ago

erincassell says:

I would love the ability to customize my print view and save it for regular use. The item that is missing for me is my time estimates which I use extensively to plan my days. The night before, I sit down with my planner and to do list and map out my day. Time estimates for each task is a critical piece to that puzzle and including them on the print out would help tremendously.

Posted 3 years ago

benoit.christiaens says:

+1, I'm desesperately looking for a way to print notes with my tasks

Posted 3 years ago

sonjakirsten says:

my main need is to see the different priorities either highlighted in the respective color or maybe getting a color square in the same row on the print view, since those are the things I want to pay most attention, however I do also want to see related tasks that don't have the same priority and I want to see the difference.

Posted 3 years ago

jtruchon says:

+1 for this or "any" printing improvements...

Posted 3 years ago

blair.kelsie says:

+1 for being able to see time estimates in the print view

As always, keep up the great work! I use RTM daily! :)

Posted 2 years ago

eagleofjade says:

I definitely agree. I have used a number of web based task lists, and the MAIN drawback is the lack of good printing / exporting capabilities. I like to have my tasks printed so when I'm going through my day, I can see them all at a glance, and not have to drill down screens to fields or details.

So having an interface where you can show a list of tasks with fields I can select, view and print would be very helpful!

Posted 2 years ago

gellenbogen Pro says:

I need the option to print my list in a LARGER font SIZE so that the list is readable from across my desk!

Posted 13 weeks ago

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