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IFTTT integration

jnievele Pro says:

It would be nice if you could link up with - for example, we could set RTM as a trigger in IFTTT, when a specific task is marked as completed this would then trigger an action in IFTTT (or vice versa, something that triggers IFTTT creates a new task in RTM with configurable options... could be done via email already, but direct integration would make it easier)

Posted at 2:40pm on May 18, 2011

mustard5 says:

I'll second this idea. I've been playing with ifttt for a week now and keep thinking that it would work well with RTM.

Posted 3 years ago

baritoneuk says:

I think this is up to ifttt. I am pretty sure they'll be adding an rtm channel, but I'd recommend leaving some feedback with asking for this functionality.

Posted 3 years ago

davyho says:

Waiting for RTM channel on ifttt! Twitter: @davyho

Posted 3 years ago says:

Me too, it's a MUST to include RTM into ifttt channels! Twitter: @mbisj

Posted 3 years ago

action.manager Pro says:

ifttt went public and it seems very useful, so: +2

Posted 2 years ago

zmunson Pro says:

yes-- ifft channel please!

Posted 2 years ago

ohm Pro says:

ifttt support please!

Posted 2 years ago

g.ayrlinson says:

Yes would remove the requirement for individual reminders tasks in RTM and give a whole new world of possibilities....YES YES YES... G

Posted 2 years ago

devenv says:


Posted 2 years ago

devenv says:

At least rss feed would be already useful...

Posted 2 years ago says:

I would very much like this feature.

Posted 2 years ago

emagdalena Pro says:

Me too. This would be great

Posted 2 years ago

christopher.weible Pro says:

Seems to me this would have to be done at the ifttt end of things.

Posted 2 years ago

stenkate Pro says:

It's ifttt decision to do so, but these comments here can help: I would love to see this!

Posted 2 years ago

nobbyneb Pro says:

IFTTT channel please! +1

Posted 2 years ago

twinstead says:

Why don't we ever get new features? RTM alternatives are looking better and better.

Posted 2 years ago

theandyjnee says:

I'll join in - IFTTT integration would be mind-blowing. please do it or make IFTTT do it :)

Posted 2 years ago

driveafastercar says:

Yes, please!!!

Posted 2 years ago

vannylu Pro says:

When I discovered ifttt I was disappointed there was no RTM channel. So many possibilities, Evernote/RTM for a start!

Posted 2 years ago

jzapin Pro says:

Definitely. For those of us who are GTD junkies and are looking for ways to automate processes, IFTTT seems like a great tool. I love RTM and have no desire to leave. But if another task manager had IFTTT integration, I might consider it.

Posted 1 year ago

jamm3r says:

RTM could help here:

Posted 1 year ago

lucasbiset says:

A must! I agree though: We must go clap our hands at IFTTT's door.

Posted 1 year ago

kondauroff Pro says:


Posted 1 year ago

ge.legend says:

That would be amazing! With basic task management (create/delay/complete) available both as triggers and actions, I would be able to receive the tasks from all important places and also manage everything from anywhere as well. Please make this work!

Posted 1 year ago

vistar Pro says:

Yes, yes. Good idea!

Posted 1 year ago

kenrpapp says:

The email work-around recipe is not ideal. Something "native" with a few additional options would most welcome.

Posted 1 year ago

jonathan.griffin Pro says:


Posted 1 year ago

liveforlaughs76 Pro says:

Would love this!

Posted 1 year ago

pachela says:

I'm a big fan of IFTTT. I've longed for a RTM channel.

Posted 1 year ago

littlewing1112 Pro says:


Posted 1 year ago

bnmnetp says:


Posted 1 year ago

sunnysigara says:


Posted 1 year ago

lapczynski says:

I hope it's not the question "if" but "when". Waiting!

Posted 1 year ago

scott.kirkman says:

This would be awesome

Posted 1 year ago

adrian.durlester Pro says:

Agreed. Not if, but when. Soon, we hope.

Posted 1 year ago

befwi says:

S'il vous plait ^^

Posted 1 year ago

eric.kates says:

Trigger tasks based upon social / environment / and even device status? I'll take one, with a side of "you betcha!" and a cup of your boldest coffee!

Posted 1 year ago

benad Pro says:

Please, please make this happen! Like Evernote integration, this would really push RTM to the next level!

Posted 8 months ago

katja.tressel Pro says:

please! this would be so useful as the atom feeds dont work with ifttt

Posted 7 months ago

jhvanco says:

yes please

Posted 7 months ago

xxdesmus Pro says:

Agreed, very much needed.

Posted 4 months ago

harvey.levine Pro says:

I use IFTTT a lot. Having a way to add tasks to RTM from IFTTT triggers would be easier than the workaround of emailing tasks to my secret RTM address.

Posted 17 weeks ago

sherry_zhou_98 Pro says:

Yes, I've tried for months to get the atom or rss feeds to work with ifttt. I've made my lists public (something that the security-conscious side of me cringes at), tried using http:// and https:// versions of the feeds, and tried both atom and rss feeds. Nothing seems to work with 100% success. Sometimes I'll get the ifttt recipe to trigger, but if I try it again in 5 minutes, it won't work. Similarly, a combination of publicly accessible vs private/http vs https/atom vs rss that works for one list will not work when I try it on a different list.

This has been very frustrating in case you can't tell.... Please let me know if you do manage to get it to work, you deserve a medal.

Posted 16 weeks ago

asenchak Pro says:

REALLY want to see integration with IFTTT... best thing to come into my life since RTM and its a shame how limited the two work together.

Posted 14 weeks ago

allen.pattiselanno says:

Yes please.

Posted 13 weeks ago

banjax Pro says:

It would be great

Posted 12 weeks ago

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