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Ability to postpone all overdue tasks in the gadget

turbo2ltr says:

Maybe I'm using it wrong (or not getting enough done) but every morning I typically postpone all the overdue tasks I didn't get done yesterday so they are due today. In the gadget, this means I have to click each task and click Postpone. I'd love to have a "Postpone all overdue" button. But the button should only postpone those tasks that are being viewed in the gadget. I used multiple gadgets to see different lists and smart lists and don't want a button in one gadget affecting tasks listed in another.

Posted at 4:51pm on April 13, 2011

azclaire Pro says:

For most people, these tasks would be considered overdue. If they aren't really overdue and are postponeable, why were they set with an artificial due date?

Posted 3 years ago

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