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Option to insert the current date when editing a note

lefedor Pro says:

@task note edit on keypress preferences there are menu appears with buttons: 'save', 'close'. It really will be useful to see there insert date button inserts current date.

Posted at 10:42am on March 20, 2011

orth says:

Hey! Very useful for me too!
Is there any chance for this feature being released?

Posted 3 years ago

michael.rickey says:

I'd like to have this on the web version as well (hot key please). It would also be nice of the format of that date could be specified. We have a standard at work where we present incremental notes (notes from multiple people in a single body of text) using the format "[2011-08-17] RMR". It would be great if I could get a hot-key to insert this type of date into a note.

Posted 3 years ago

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