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Ability to specify the timezone for a task

david.hausheer says:

It would be very nice if remember the milk would support to specify the timezone for the due time of a task (or even better if the timezone would be taken from the location of the task)

Posted at 9:41pm on March 6, 2011

alzeih says:

I want to be able to add a task at a time given to me in another time zone, and have it show up as the due time and date in my time zone.

So if I specify a time zone it should use that time referenced in that time zone.

Posted 3 years ago

jeevan.pingali Pro says:

It's useful to have this feature everywhere, web, Android etc.

Posted 3 years ago

shemigon says:

I'm looking forward to that feature too as working with people in different timezones and calculating the time of every task is tedious.

Posted 3 years ago

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