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SyncML support

rohan.cook says:

It would be so cool if RTM supported SyncML.

Then it would be able to two-way sync with Google Calendar, mobile devices, and even Outlook via ScheduleWorld.

See this post for more.

Posted at 8:57am on September 29, 2006

carsten.meyer says:

would be gorgeous!!

Posted 6 years ago

basti.best says:

Any news on SyncML support yet?

Posted 6 years ago

muhh says:

oh, pretty please support syncml.
i would definitely go pro right away!

Posted 6 years ago

tobias.jost says:

me too

Posted 6 years ago

piotr.owsiak Pro says:

Any plans on adding SyncML support?

Posted 6 years ago

tomas.creemers says:

This would allow me to directly sync RememberTheMilk with my cell phone. I can already sync my Google Calendar with my cell phone using GooSync.com, and this would be a great addition!

Posted 6 years ago

mvdborre says:

Yes, please!

Posted 6 years ago

alexisbatman Pro says:

me too

Posted 6 years ago

flintza says:

I'd add my voice to those requesting this feature. MANY mobile devices out there support SyncML and it would be awesome to have easy (native) access to RTM lists.

Posted 6 years ago

naor says:

adding my voice here, think about the exposure you get into almost all Nokia, sonyericsson, samsung and other phone. I know SyncML has still way to go and implementation might require some resources, yet we see now more services providing such interface and it opens up the doors to many users who does not own iphone or blackberry or winm. hmm.. I think it's most of mobile users world wide.. please consider.

Posted 6 years ago

arthur.lutz says:


Posted 6 years ago

yonen says:

I"m actually creating a website that will allow people to sync their Mobile with RTM using SyncML.

I should have something live in a few weeks, I'll post back when I have a beta going. I'm currently only testing with a Nokia N95 and I'm not expecting it to work with any other devices just yet.

Posted 6 years ago

homburg says:

So how's it going, Yonen?
Any need for beta testers?

Posted 5 years ago

glennms says:

yes please! syncml has had easy http sync for some time for, and not until mobilcal.net did I find it really easy for the mobile phone. That service though is not as rich as RTM.

Posted 5 years ago

tlcimyn says:


Pls let me know if u need beta testers. I have a N95 and want to use syncml for RTM.


Posted 5 years ago

paulheth says:

Me 3 or it looks like more like 12th or so.

This would allow me iPhone or BB and gmail and back to Outlook. Yes, life would be good then.

Seriously, syncML would be very nice.

Posted 5 years ago

thescruggs says:

+1 for SyncML support.

Posted 5 years ago

emanuele.massara says:

yes! syncML should allow easy sync with mobile devices

Posted 5 years ago

adertobi says:

This is a function that would make me go premium user. Is there any news?

Posted 5 years ago

adrien.mogenet says:

hope to see this feature very soon !

Posted 5 years ago

wilgert says:

I too use SyncML to sync my cell with my Google Calendar. It would be awesome if i Could sync my phones task with RTM trough SyncML!

Posted 5 years ago

julienld says:


Posted 5 years ago

laurie.mcgee says:

The best new feature I could imagine in RTM. Please support!! :)

Posted 5 years ago

daleoffret Pro says:

I too use Scheduleworld with SyncML to sync Outlook on Windows and Evolution on Linux. Please look to add the feature.

Posted 5 years ago

breggol says:

I second SyncML support, to be able to sync my tasks with my Nokia E61 (a Symbian S60v3 device).

Posted 4 years ago

awerin0 Pro says:

+2 :)

Posted 1 year ago

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