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Choose a type of date picker to be the default (instead of the basic one every time)

adamburr says:

It would be good if you could choose a type of date picker to be the default one instead of it being the basic one every time.

Posted at 11:44pm on February 26, 2011

brendan Pro says:

Thanks for the feedback!

Posted 4 years ago

mojohnburr Pro says:

I agree. This would be helpful to have a default setting that you could choose.

Posted 3 years ago

mojohnburr Pro says:

PS nice last name.

Posted 3 years ago

bcasteel Pro says:

Same for other fields. I always wish the custom editor were the default for my tags instead of the basic editor.

Posted 3 years ago

vandergiezen says:

Yes, it is rather annoying to set a task, and then edit it to be able to set a time for it. I'd rather be able to do that when I write the original entry. This shouldn't be that difficult to implement?

Posted 9 months ago

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