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Custom default due date (as well as 'today' and 'never', allow defaults of '2 days', '3 days', etc)

dygituljunky says:

I always enter a due time for tasks that have a due date so that get a separate reminder for each task. I would like an option in the android app which lets new set a default due date of 24, 48, and/or 72 hours so that each task gets a due time as enter it. I would also like a way to choose my default date picker (basic/picker/picker with time/custom).

Posted at 9:55pm on February 22, 2011

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Thanks for your feedback. While it's not currently possible to create a custom due date, you can create a Smart List with a specific date that would be inherited by any tasks added to that Smart List.

Hope this helps!

Posted 4 years ago

upbabu says:

Andrew, at least in the smart list, we should be able to search like "due by coming Wednesday" or "due by weekend". Please add something on these lines

Posted 4 years ago

vincent.vanderkruit Pro says:

I would support this. Standard due date in my life is... Tomorrow. Today I can do right away mostly

Posted 2 years ago

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