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Dark theme widget

orsoni Pro says:


A black style option would be good for battery saving on oled displays and it would play nicer with gingerbread which is mostly black background.

Thank you

Posted at 4:59pm on February 16, 2011

wceveret says:


Even better - allow the user to pick the colors! Current whiteness is not very eyeball friendly.

Posted 3 years ago

brendan Pro says:

Thanks for your feedback!

Posted 3 years ago

tclutterbuck says:


Posted 3 years ago

geekess says:

+1 I would second the ability to choose your colors (or even transparency). The white is just too stark and bright.

Posted 3 years ago

orsoni Pro says:

Bumping this thread because I wanted to add that, currently, no CM7 themes support RTM, so we cannot make it darker, not even this way.
Theming would be very cool so I thought I could add support for RTM on some existing themes.
I had a look at the layout and resource files but they look obfuscated or something.
This might explain why there is no theming for RTM.
Developers, any advice?

Posted 2 years ago

xd4d3v says:

+2 ;)
Please do this. About everything on my phone is dark, except this...

Posted 2 years ago

mikecspence says:

+1 love the app but the white widget doesn't sit well with my HTC

Posted 2 years ago

mx235789 says:

Excellent idea!

If we are changing colours etc. please can we make the colours of the task-types user customisable as well ? {Those of us who have a touch of colour-blindness in blue part of the spectrum find it almost impossible to distinguish between normal priority and low priority tasks on colour alone}

Posted 2 years ago

trdf53 Pro says:


Posted 1 year ago

ritchie.zyt Pro says:

Dark color is more consistent with most Android theme.

Posted 11 months ago

jedfonner Pro says:

+1 New widget is better than the old one, but only having blue and white is still too limiting.

Posted 10 months ago

joenmal Pro says:

I'm not sure if me adding to this thread will help, but I too would love to see a dark theme of some sort. Like many others, my phone uses an OLED screen, so I tend to keep just about everything dark. This makes the very bright white RTM widget on my home screen quite an eye-sore. (Literally!) If custom themes are too much trouble to code into the app, then perhaps just make "light" and "dark" themes we can choose from.

Posted 9 months ago

joenmal Pro says:

Just an additional comment in response to all those who are down-voting this idea. I don't think anyone is suggesting that the current light theme get removed and replaced with a dark theme. We would just like the ability to *choose* between different themes. Some folks like light themes, some like dark. Give us the option between the two in the app/widget.

Posted 9 months ago

tomo1657 Pro says:

An optional, darker themed widget would not only help my eyes but also would avoid annoying people around me when I use my device in dark locations.

Posted 4 months ago

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