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Support for checklists in notes

leonid.bajora says:

I use notes as subtasks — маке 1,2.3 оr more notes in task, then delete note after proper subtask complete. I don`t understand why not make another tab like a "notes" with "check" instead of "delete" :)
Easiest way — add "check" feature to notes!

Posted at 7:16am on October 21, 2010

twdesigns Pro says:

excellent suggestion be added in as a standard feature

Posted 3 years ago

iroquai says:

I think this is the best way to implement subtasks without complicating the interface, especialy when the notes are moved tot the same tab as the task details!

Posted 3 years ago

eustaquiorangel Pro says:

So, for every subtask, a note is created? But if we delete them, we loose history.

Posted 2 years ago

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