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Ability to associate a location with a list

derekweb says:

It would be good to link a list to location, so every task on that specific list is linked to the location. That way, you could link "Home depot" list once and not have to link every task.

Also, more than one location per task and list would be good. There are many "home depots" that i may pass by.

Posted at 9:01pm on September 3, 2010

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

You can associate every task to a location via a Smart List. Tasks added to Smart Lists automatically inherit the properties of the Smart List, so this should work quite effectively for you.

Hope this helps!

Posted 5 years ago

kslays says:

That is a very helpful tip, thanks!

Posted 4 years ago

suketu says:

All the same, it's a bit of an obvious miss.

Posted 3 years ago

jakubsacha says:

when i have smart list "(tag:na or dueWithin:"3 days of today") AND location:Work" there is no defaults for it. maybe ability to specify manual defaults per smart list would be solution?

Posted 3 years ago

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