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An easy way to remove tags from tasks

simeons says:

Adding tags is easy for a single task. Removing tags takes a lot more mousing & typing because you have to position the cursor to the tag, erase it, etc.

I'd love it if, when a single task is selected, the tag list shown includes little "x" icons after every tag. If I click on the icon that tag will be removed. Again, super-simple client-side UI tweak.

Of course, if you make this work in multi-edit mode, you'd rock. ;-)

Posted at 3:02am on August 31, 2010

hanno.stock Pro says:


Posted 4 years ago

kcarnold says:

+1, especially for the multi-edit mode. I'd like to use RTM in a workflow that requires me to make and clear sub-lists in batches. I was trying to use RTM tags for this, but removing a tag from a bunch of entries is super-tedious and error-prone.

Posted 4 years ago

kcarnold says:

I also like simeons's other comment about multi-edit mode (https://www.rememberthemilk.com/forums/ideas/11073/?forum=ideas&hl=en-US&topic=11073), which unfortunately timed out.

Posted 4 years ago

mekkkk says:

+1. Especially for multi-edit, deleting a tag from a group of task is currently so complicated that I started using external script for this.

Posted 4 years ago

sleepyalf says:

+1 it would be great to generalise this to addition or removal of tags in multi-edit. For example, in the webUI, using syntax like +tag1, -tag2..

Posted 4 years ago

nselander Pro says:

Gmail has a decent implementation where you can remove the current label from a set of selected emails when viewing all the emails with a given label. The analog in RTM would be a remove "tag" button after clicking a tag from the tag cloud or performing a search for that tag. Not useful when you're already viewing a mixed list of tasks, but way better than just the shown when multiple incompatibly-tagged tasks are selected now.

Posted 4 years ago

jim_compton Pro says:

+1 Yes, please. I need a way to batch remove tags. I like the "-tag" syntax idea.

Posted 3 years ago

alfred.salsadigital says:

+2 Yes please. "-tag" syntax would help me remove tags in batch.

Posted 2 years ago

bill.bane Pro says:

+1 When in a search list of tags, how about click and drag it to a "remove tag" icon? This would leave all other tags intact.

Posted 2 years ago

claudio.pikielny Pro says:

Any way to batch remove tags would be great.

Posted 2 years ago

xtoq Pro says:

You could also have 2 tag views when you have task(s) selected: "normal" that operates exactly as today and "common" that only shows common tags to the selected tasks(s). Then implementing either the "-tag" syntax or the close "x" on each tag would be something that could be done without interrupting current workflow or forcing an option on other users who don't want/need it.

Posted 2 years ago

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