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Meta-locations (e.g. 'Supermarket' might include multiple local grocery stores)

jonathan.cederberg says:

I have tried to find out if this is possible, but as far as I have been able to tell, it is not. The problem is that I want notifications at several locations for the same task, This is not possible, but could easily be remedied by adding the notion of meta-locations.

A meta-location would just be a list of locations. I often find myself wanting to put several locations on a task, for example the location @foodstore would be very handy for general food-related errands.

Posted at 7:35am on August 30, 2010

jonathan.cederberg says:

I now realise I posted in the wrong forum. Could the admin please move this topic to the tips and tricks forum?

Posted 5 years ago

davidscottweaver says:

I always thought this would be great. Same reason. If something I need for the house could be bought at Home Depot or Lowes, I could get alerted when I'm near either.

Posted 5 years ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

No, this isn't currently possible; sorry for inconvenience, and thanks for the feedback!

Posted 5 years ago

rufus.spb says:

Guys, think about this feature, please. I need this too

Posted 5 years ago

mflack says:


Posted 5 years ago

mahinirb says:

Big time +1. I think this should be the very next thing RTM works on. It would really set RTM apart from other task management software.

Posted 4 years ago

lilyheart says:

This is the only thing I'm actual missing when using RTM. Anything else is just a would like to have. This I need to truly use RTM for everything.

Posted 3 years ago

jdeger Pro says:


Posted 3 years ago

vallynn says:

At first, this seemed like a feature too large in scope and variables to be possible, but then I had an idea: We already define and label our own locations - but add the ability to group or tag locations into categories, and it would be good if one location could belong to more than one category. Then, we could have a "Home Depot" group that would work for the store closest to work, or the one near home, etc. Home Depot locations could also belong to a more general "hardware store" category. A grocery store tag would work for all the ones we define in our area. Then the task needs to be able to store more than one location (based on the categories) to trigger alerts.

Posted 3 years ago

kacrocker says:

+1 for vallynn's implementation idea.
Currently I use tags that start with @ as a workaround (i.e. @grocery), but having the benefits of locations would make it much better. I could assign the grocery location to the handfull of grocery stores I usually go to (near work, near home, etc)

Posted 3 years ago

sisugirl Pro says:

I am just starting with locations, and this feature would be great.

Posted 3 years ago

downing.c says:

I use locations pinned to northern Greenland for contexts that aren't physical (like computer or phone). I wonder if it would be possible to have locations like "supermarket" or "hardware store" use something like Google Places or Foursquare?

Posted 3 years ago

rubyji says:

I've tried a variety of hack to workaround this, but I now that I have a geo-aware app, I really need it to understand that I'm at the grocery store when I'm at any store, not just one location.

Posted 3 years ago

rd_210 says:

This would be great to have - eg. where you work from two locations. Also, if you could have a smartlist which gave you the tasks for your nearest location then you could effective insert a range as a location. For example, I regularly take a particular train journey. It would be great to be have a location which is for on the train. So in this case the solution would be to have a location which included the start and end points and filter for nearest location.

Posted 3 years ago

kern3lly Pro says:

I was going to post exactly the same idea ;]

Posted 2 years ago

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