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Ability to specify task properties within the email address

tdbtdb says:

Similar to idea at http://www.rememberthemilk.com/forums/ideas/6508/.

send email to username+code+tags+x+list+y@rmilk.com adds a task to list y with tag x.

This would let me use gmail filters to forward relevant emails directly into RTM in the proper list with appropriate tags.

related idea:
Currently if I send two emails to RTM with the same subject, I get two tasks with the same title. Wy not one task with two notes?


Posted at 7:54pm on July 9, 2010

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

Are you familiar with the ability to specify these things in the body of a message?


I know it's not quite what you wish, but it's close.

Posted 5 years ago

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