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Webhooks, so we can add our own functionality

howthebodyworks says:

Why not add in those new fangled "webhooks" so we can add new functions to RTM ourself. that's what github does - and it works great for me. So do less geeky producitivity services like freshbooks, for that matter , and many other services besides - there is a list here, including someone (not me, so there's now at least two people who like it ;) ) suggesting that RTM is an ideal candidate fr webhook support

It's a little geeky, I know, but I see lots of people asking for RTM functionality that could be all solved at once if there were webhooks, and a lot of them are asking for very geeky things, so they shoudl be comfortable with this reasonably mild form of extensibility.

Posted at 12:52am on May 26, 2010

erlang says:

Very good idea! Thanks for sharing.

Posted 4 years ago

erlang says:

What kind of hooks are you thinking of? Adding / editing tasks?

Posted 4 years ago

kutyshalev says:

Once I read up on what this is, I realize this would be unbelievable. As a development company, I can see using RTM inside applications!

Posted 4 years ago

jvgreenaway says:

A hook for every action would be amazing! As part of the POST/JSON/XML include the action for routing/filtering at the other end.

Posted 4 years ago

jeduncan says:

has there been any movement on this?!

Posted 2 years ago

marcus.povey Pro says:

Double +1 for me.

Posted 2 years ago

rubdottocom says:

+1, RTM extensibility will be easier to implement, I worked with evernote webhooks and give you amazing flexibility

Posted 1 year ago

coleman.mcfarland says:


Posted 7 months ago

katylava Pro says:

This would be amazing. I was really hoping RTM had webhooks so my RTM activity could trigger other APIs (like Habitica), and also maybe IFTTT could have RTM as a channel.

At the very least, I'd like hooks for when I complete, uncomplete, or postpone a task. I could hook those into Habitica and +/- habits, such as "Complete an easy RTM task". Or spend Habitica gold to postpone a task. I'm currently doing this manually, but it's a pain to see which tasks I've postponed.

Additionally, having hooks for adding, editing, and deleting tasks would allow me to have copies of my RTM tasks in Habitica as Dailies or ToDos, depending on how I tag them.

Or, with hooks I can code up my own reward system... just being able to record my RTM activity would open up that possibility.

Posted 14 weeks ago

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