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Windows 7 desktop gadget

krysta Pro says:

I found a couple of posts on this in the Help forum--and some problems with the Vista sidebar gadget, which was suggested as an alternative--but no real answers. Anybody know when/if a Windows 7-compatible desktop gadget?

Posted at 8:16pm on May 6, 2010

ericfoster says:

I am trying out "I forgot the milk" which is a desktop widget for windows 7. Did you ever find anything else?

Posted 2 years ago

ericfoster says:

Sorry... It is called a desktop "Gadget", NOT a widget! I tried out "I forgot the milk". And it only lets you look at and change existing to do's... I do not see a way to add new to do's.

Posted 2 years ago

sproc says:

You can add new todos with I Forgot the Milk. There's a round-ish icon in the upper right corner. Click that, and you'll see a page of icons that, unfortunately, do not have text labels. The one that looks like a piece of paper (first on left) will create a new todo.

Posted 2 years ago

birdb says:

It would be great to have a better Windows 7 widget that is kept up to date by the good folks at RTM!

Posted 2 years ago

jaymax Pro says:

Backing the call for a native Windows app - Win 7 widget would be perfect, but I'd settle for a port of the Android app to Win7/Java

Posted 2 years ago

jaymax Pro says:

Just for the record - am running 'I forgot the milk', it's workable, but not great.

I tried Cheqlist - blah, doesn't play nice with my multi-monitor setup, is reallly slooooow which makes it clunky, doesn't 'look' remotely windowsy, and has multiple rendering issues

YaR is looking okay, but I resent it for overcoming my resistance to installing Adobe AIR (ugh).

Posted 1 year ago

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