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Tiny widget (1x1) that shows the number of tasks from a specific list

chris.yeoh says:
How about a tiny widget (1x1) that shows you the number of tasks from a specific list?

I have a "today" list and would love to just see a sujbtle reminder that I have X left to do today.
Posted at 3:18am on April 9, 2010
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
We now have a Badge widget available in version 2.0.0. :)

Please see our blog post: The ginormous Remember The Milk for Android update
Posted 5 years ago
giomv says:
Posted 7 years ago
npike says:
Posted 6 years ago
ben.dray says:
Posted 6 years ago
4hooves says:
Posted 6 years ago
jeremie.miserez says:
+2 :-)

We really need a 1x1 widget with just the list name and task count.

The current 2x2 and 3x3 are just not practical if you have many lists and many tasks like me. They are too big ( It's not possible to put more than 4 lists on the homescreen as widgets) but also too small to really show the tasks.
Posted 6 years ago
oohyeah says:
YES PLEASE! Actually, not even too fussed about the task count, but want this more for it to be a quick-access shortcut to a particular list.
Posted 5 years ago
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