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Automatically link contact names in tasks with iPhone contacts (e.g. 'Call Phil Burns' links 'Phil Burns' to contact info and allows calling)

billings.colin says:

It would be a great feature to have the iphone app scan the contacts of a user and match them to names in tasks, and then link that to contacts.


Current Task - Call Phil Burns - (now i must look in RTM for the tasks, then go to contacts to get the number and then make call - or i could add it to task originally)

New Task - Call Phil Burns - (Phil Burns would be underlined and pressing the name would bring up Phil's contact info and allow me call)

This would also work for emails, and text messages.

It would be an even more advanced step to make sure that this didn't close RTM on iPhone and this contact lookup was handled as much inside as possible.

Posted at 4:54pm on April 1, 2010

wojo says:

This would be great. If a name exists more than once, show a popup, but that should be fairly rare for most of us.

Posted 5 years ago

joshuarubin says:

android too!

Posted 4 years ago

e_dawg8 Pro says:


Posted 3 years ago

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