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Deleted tasks reappearing

dav says:

If I set a task to repeat.. say.. "every monday" and then delete it, it will keep reappearing every monday until I set it to repeat "never"

When I delete a task, shouldn't it be gone for good?;

Posted at 11:43pm on December 5, 2005

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

The way that it's designed is that deleting a task will delete that instance of the repeating task, but won't stop it from repeating again. To stop it repeating, the repeat option has to be removed.

However, this is a problem if you delete the task first, because then you can't remove the repeat option. We might change this so that when deleting a task that's part of a series, you are given the option to kill any repeats. We'll think about it :)

Posted 9 years ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

I have a few repeating tasks I call zombies, because they seem to be undead - coming back again, and again.

I will try removing the repeat before whacking them the next time. I think the user-experience on this issue needs some additional clarification.

As always, hooray for RTM, and thank you, thank you, thank you.

Posted 9 years ago

ultrapasty says:

Ah, this was confusing me - I was about to report this as a bug as well.

The option to rid of repeats when deleting sounds great.

Posted 9 years ago

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