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Weekly planner

rakesh says:


Wonderful tool. Thank you.

When I click on the link for |Weekly Planner|under |Pverview|, the planner that comes up shows the week as Monday through to Saturday. Who ate my Sunday??

Is this default? Do I need to tweak something?

A very quiet HELP!

Posted at 1:58am on December 5, 2005

rakesh says:

Just worked it out!

Would I be right?
The weekly planner will only show the days where there is atleast on task planned?

In my case, I had no task planned on Sunday-THIS WEEK - hence the planner did not show Sunday.

Glad to know that no one ate my Sunday!!

Posted 9 years ago

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Yup, it will only show the days in the upcoming week that have tasks :)

Posted 9 years ago

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