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kuipje says:

RTM is for years my favorite app for my to do lists, but now I have a problem. Suddenly I noticed that new tasks don't appear in my general list. At the moment I have 33 items, and I had to put the 34th in another list.
This is the first time that this happens. Can you help me?

Posted at 8:41pm on June 9, 2014

raymond.bergmark ProPower Poster says:

Is the general list a regular list or a smart list?

Posted 10 weeks ago

kuipje says:

A regular list: 'this week'

Posted 10 weeks ago

fant Pro says:

kuipje, does this list appear in the Dropdown "more Actions..." after/in the "move to..." section?

Posted 9 weeks ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi kuipje,
Sorry for the delay in responding.

If you're using the mobile apps the This Week list automatically shows tasks due within the next week (separated by day), so if a task has a due date beyond then (or is undated) it wouldn't appear there.

Otherwise you may want to search for it or look in other lists (in the left sidebar of the mobile apps) for it to appear.

Hope this helps! You can always contact us if you'd like us to help you take a closer look at your account too.

Posted 8 days ago

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