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Display Bug: Biggest Problem WIth Remember The Milk

dirkt82 says:

I use RememberTheMilk for work and life, about 10 hours a day.

I'm satisfied with the product apart from the following 2:
1) A display bug which causes tasks to be mixed up and ends up in me completing tasks that I haven't done yet.
2) The lack of sub-tasks.

1 Is a massive issue for me as I often miss tasks that are of urgent priority, simply due to the fact of RememberTheMilk having this bug. Basically what happens is that sometimes the label of a certain task gets the label of a different task in the list. Only when refreshing the page, the task will have the correct label again. If I'm unaware of this, I will often end up completing the task because I think it's a different one.

I tried a Google search and couldnt find similar reports. Since this happens about twice a week, surely more people must be experiencing this. Are you aware of this issue? It just happened again.

If you think I'm wrong and I got confused etc: I'm not. This is an actual issue.

Posted at 1:23pm on August 12, 2013

dirkt82 says:

Please let me know if you don't know about this problem and I'll try to reproduce it in a video capture.

Posted 11 months ago

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi dirkt82,
I'm sorry to hear about this! No judgment on confusion, etc. but I don't believe this to be a systemic problem, so I wonder if it may be a particular combination of browser/cache/extensions/computer software.

It'd be great if you could contact us so we could discuss this more specifically; a video capture would be helpful, and we could also look at some particular factors that could be contributing to this.


Posted 11 months ago

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