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Default due date on smart list (web version)

dracan says:

Hi. I want my default list to show tasks which have a due date of today or older, so I've created a smart list called Current, which is "dueBefore:tomorrow list:Inbox". So pretty much what the Android app's "Today" list does. I can't see a stock way of doing this in the web version without using a custom smart list.

However, now if I add a new task via the web, it default to no due date. I'd like this to default to today. Is this possible?


Posted at 9:47pm on May 24, 2013

dracan says:

Sorry, just noticed that i appear to have already asked exactly the same question two years ago! I had forgotten about that!


Sorry to duplicate post. It's a shame this functionality doesn't exist though. It would be great if you could assign a custom default due date to each list.

Posted 2 years ago

brendan Pro says:

Hi Dan,
That's correct, it's not currently possible to set a default due date in the web app, but I'll make sure the development team gets your message for review.

Thanks for your feedback!

Posted 2 years ago

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