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Due dates on Androids out of synch

emcapaulsell Pro says:

Why is it that RTM on my Android devices doesn't always seem to know what day it is? I have RTM on an S3, a Galaxy Note of course on my laptop. It's Thursday evening and I enter a task on one of my Android devices - It gives me the option of "Today" or "Tomorrow" or "Sunday". Somehow there's a day missing. I roll all tasks over to "Tomorrow", but on Friday morning when I log onto my laptop at the office, all those tasks are showing as "overdue".

Entering tasks from my laptop always seems to get the correct date.

Is this some sort of time zone problem? I also travel a lot and the dates get even more out of shape then. It appears that RTM doesn't pick up the "device time/date" when I've changed it to the new timezone. A hassle when I'm setting my tasks close to midnight for the "next day".

Posted at 11:58pm on May 16, 2013

andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi emcapaulsell,
It sounds like one of your Android devices may have an incorrect timezone/location set; if those don't all match up, your tasks may not display correctly.

Traveling may be tricky as well, as Remember The Milk doesn't support shifting timezones, sorry. :( You should be able to update your Remember The Milk account timezone as well to keep things in sync.

Hope this helps!

Posted 2 years ago

jamesr404 Pro says:

I had the same issue once, for me I updated the timezone on my Android but not my laptop. Shifting timezones when travelling doesn't work very well.

It's best to just stick with one timezone and well, when you're traveling and far away, avoid using the words "today" and "tomorrow" and instead use the date of the day you want to put the task on....

Posted 2 years ago

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