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Relative dates for dueBefore search

redrisker says:

I made some search and apparently RTM doesn't support dynamic dueBefore search and the operator only work with static dates. However I realized that most of the posts I see are one year or more than one year old already.

I'm just wondering if there has been any update on these and if there's even a plan to allow relative dates for the dueBefore operator?

Thanks! :)

Posted at 8:20am on October 12, 2012

raymond.bergmark ProPower Poster says:

Actually dueBefore allows relative dates (compared to today) as in
dueBefore:"2 weeks" resulting in all tasks either overdue or due in the next two weeks
However, allowing negative values would be a nice addition
dueBefore:"-25 days" to find old tasks or to filter out really old tasks.

Posted 2 years ago

brendan Pro says:

Hi redrisker,

We don't have any announcements about an update to the dueBefore: search operator at this time, but can you let us know some of the searches that aren't working for you? We'd love to take a look at some examples.


Posted 2 years ago

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