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New Cannot select "Delete Task" from "More" dropdown menu at bottom of window, minor fix request in gmail browser add-ondancheng12 years ago
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New Leaving Gmail open over night issueandrew.dixon.mso32 years ago
New Different looks of calendar sidebar gadget compared to Gmail browser addon. Why?salskasaa8s3122 years ago
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New Privacy Policybenelmouffok12 years ago
New Adding Task via Label not workingalicea22 years ago
New Default list for gmailben.kwa12 years ago
New "new task" missingthomas012 years ago
New Smart list not refreshing after postpone any taskgoraleksi32 years ago
New width of task pane in gmail chrome extensionandykonwinski12 years ago
New Rapportive and RTM Don't Get Along :(gregthecampingguy12 years ago

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