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RTM and different Gmail-Accounts

frediliwl says:

Hi Folks,

I use RTM really intensive an it works great. My privat tasks are coupled with my private gmail and it runs great. But now I like to use it with my company-gmail-account, its freemail too, and I see when it starts how it connects to rtm but I can't see the plugin. Is anybody out there who can help me?

Thanks in advance

Posted at 12:57pm on January 25, 2008

keithm says:

I'm having a similar problem that I was not experiencing yesterday. On only one of my 4 Gmail accounts that I check regularly, it no longer displays the plugin. And this is happening on 2 different computers. On one of them earlier this morning, I tried to reinstall the plugin in Firefox a couple of times, but with no luck. There's a 3rd computer at home that I have not checked yet.

Posted 6 years ago

keithm says:

I stand corrected... On the 2nd computer, It's now happening on 2 of my Gmail accounts.

Posted 6 years ago

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