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Discarding GMail reply removes task

jdefgts says:

I think the GMail extension is terrific. I do have one concern. I understand that the extension is designed so that clicking on the email message icon opens the message and automatically starts a reply.

Many times I do not want to reply to the message, just to know its contents. When I discard the reply, the message is unstarred and the task is removed from my task list. I understand that most people want the star removed when the reply is sent, but may not want that same behavior when the reply is discarded.

Is this the intended behavior? I would prefer to remove the star from a discarded reply manually.

Thanks for a nice product.

Posted at 4:15pm on January 15, 2008

s.hind says:

I can confirm that it happens to me also (discarding the reply removes the star and deletes the task)!

I agree clicking the icon should take you to the message and if you wish to reply you can do. Ideally the plugin could give the Gmail icon to see the message and a Reply icon to write a reply, but I'd just rather the Gmail icon showed the message and I'll reply if I want to. I often change the name of the tasks as e-mail subjects are written by others and often don't reflect the task in hand, so sometimes I can't remember which e-mail it cam from.

I hope this can be fixed.

My only other issue is adding a Gmail contact to an old task (how do you?) but that's in another thread.

Fantastic product: thanks.

Posted 6 years ago

s.hind says:

I've just realised that this is by design (see clicking the Gmail icon marks the task as complete!

Posted 6 years ago

paulnstone Pro says:

Discarding the reply doesn't seem to remove the task from the task list anymore so it may have been fixed (or at least that's what I'm experiencing anyway).

It does however, still automatically start a reply which, I agree, is not ideal as you often are just adding an email as a task to remind you to do something - for example: call someone mentioned in the email rather than email them.

It is really simple to reply to a message in Gmail if you want to, so there is no need for the auto-reply feature. At the moment, this seems to be more of a hinderence than a help. Hopefully this can be changed in a future version of the extention.

Posted 6 years ago

clbpdx says:

I really wish that it wouldn't start a reply. I just downloaded this for the first time today and I was so excited but that's the first thing that got in my way. I just want to see the contents of the email the way that I can with Todoist. It doesn't even have the email URL like it used to. It's really a drag.

Posted 6 years ago

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