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RTM FF Extension not working in German Gmail

oeconom says:

Hi RTM team,

yesterday I helped a friend getting things done, leading him to FF and TRM ;-) I installed the most recent FF Version and the RTM FF Extension.

He's using Gmail switched to the german locale.
On going to Gmail I saw that there wasn't a task list on the right hand side and I wondered why...
As I'm using the US-English Language Setting for viewing my Gmail Account, I do have the Task list, so I tried just switching the language setting for him.
And: There was the RTM Task list.
(I doublechecked this in my own enviroment, just switching to German in the Gmail settings and the task list was gone...)

As you support so many languages, I assumed them being also supportend for the extension together with each Gmail interface language. But that seems to be not.

Perhaps you can fix this, or give a hint on your website :-)

Best wishes,

Posted at 9:42am on January 11, 2008

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

The new version of Gmail isn't available in other languages yet (it seems like it's only US English for now), so unfortunately the extension won't work in the localized versions of Gmail. As soon as Google makes the new version of Gmail available in your language, it should work :) Hope this helps!

Posted 6 years ago

oeconom says:

Thanks for answering!
You're right, I didn't look at the details...

Looking forward to the new Gmail version,
best wishes,

Posted 6 years ago

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