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Gmail RTM panel not updating

flaxter says:

I click refresh, I reload the whole page...but it's still got tasks I completed (in a different window, directly on rememberthemilk.com) and tasks I postponed, etc.

Posted at 11:23pm on January 10, 2008

amalas says:

I've been having some problems with this as well. Sometimes logging out and logging back in works. Except it seems that I have to do that every time I want to update something. Very frustrating.

Posted 6 years ago

csesget says:

Mine doesn't update either, especially when I complete a task. The "refresh" link on the bottom right doesn't even seem to be active (clicking on it does nothing perceptible). Reloading Gmail removes completed tasks - but that's not a very productive solution...

(Using vanilla Gmail in the latest version of Firefox, minimal add-ons, no active Greasemonkey scripts.)

Posted 6 years ago

lane.lester says:

Mine's broken, too, and I hope it's fixed soon, because I find the Gmail RTM interface more useful than the main RTM one.


Posted 6 years ago

stormlifter says:

Mine is working, but the connecting to the API it is not. I don't get to assign tasks from calendar entries. nor from contacts in gMail.

Posted 6 years ago

csesget says:

As of today, it isn't even registering that a task is complete for me. Laptop, work computer, home computer, all same result. Disappointing...

Posted 6 years ago

beau.raines Pro says:

I have a similar experience as the other posters.

I bounce back and forth between GMail and RTM in tabs and sometimes I get confused seeing a task I'd completed in RTM still there in GMail with the plug-in.

The refresh doesn't seem to do anything...

Posted 6 years ago

rampager Pro says:

Strange, works fine for me.

Is there anything in particular you remember doing before it stopped updating?

Posted 6 years ago

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

We're trying to get to the bottom of this (it seems to only affect some users, so we're trying to work out what everyone has in common).

For those having the refresh issue in particular (tasks completed outside Gmail not disappearing inside Gmail, or the 'Refresh' link not working), would you mind answering a couple of quick questions about your setup?

1) Do you currently have the feature set to display all your tasks in Gmail, or if you have a filter (e.g. specific list) turned on? (This option is shown directly underneath the "Add task" field at the top of RTM for Gmail -- if you're showing all your tasks, it should say "Set task view here".)

2) Under 'Options', which option do you have set for:
- Sort by?
- Group by?
- Show in list?

3) Do you have any other Firefox extensions installed (particularly ones that may affect Gmail)?

Also, would it be possible to try clearing your browser's cache, restarting the browser, and seeing if the problem still occurs?

Thanks! :)

Posted 6 years ago

splinebender says:

My RTM iGoogle Gadget is behind by one day, however, everything is working fine on RTM main site.

I have deleted temporary internet files and cookies, restarted and refreshed both on IE and Firefox - I still have the same problem.

Please help.

Thank you,


Posted 6 years ago

csesget says:


In reply to your questions:

1) I generally use a filter (Smartlist).

2) Under "Options" I have "Sort by: Priority," "Group by: Due Date," "Show in List: All Tasks."

3) I am using Better Gmail 2. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, disabled - none of it seems to make a difference. I have it disabled for now.

Clearing cache, restarting browser doesn't seem to affect anything. FWIW, I have the same problem on three computers - all use XP with the latest version of Firefox.

Thanks for working on this, and thanks for a great product.

Posted 6 years ago

alpinestart says:

Mine doesn't show any tasks, I have to log out of tasks and them log back in for my tasks to show up. I have better Gmail and GTDinbox extensions and disabling them doesn't do anything.

This did work for the first few days I had this installed, but then it stopped.

Great product though , thanks for all your hard work on RTM!


Posted 6 years ago

csesget says:

An additional update: when I respond to an email linked to a task in RTM, the notification appears saying "The conversation has been unstarred"; yet, the task is not marked complete, in RTM for Gmail or at the main RTM page.

Posted 6 years ago

csesget says:

Any news on this? I contacted support directly last week, but haven't received a response.

Posted 6 years ago

michaelcaruso says:

I am having this problem as well, refresh and changing the list view does not correct RTM from displaying completed tasks.

Answering the questions asked above:

1) I display my tasks from a smartlist that displays all incomplete tasks, excluding a specific list.

2) Sort by: Due Date
Group by: Due Date
Show in list: All Tasks

3) Extensions: Define 1.2, Talkback, DOM Inspector, RTM for Gmail 1.0.1

Also, would it be possible to try clearing your browser's cache, restarting the browser, and seeing if the problem still occurs?

Posted 6 years ago

herrsimo says:

Hey Emily,

I think I have found out why rtm is collapsed when refreshing google mail: Adblock plus.

After choosing "Deactivation on googlemail" in Adblock plus, the rtm appl. stays open after refreshing. Maybe that is the solution.


Posted 6 years ago

n5csu says:

Can you tell me where this is in Google? I don't see it!
"Deactivation on googlemail" in Adblock plus


Posted 6 years ago

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