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Gmail plugin: Clicking on mail subject doesn't work

ramitsethi says:

Hi all,

I'm a big fan of the new Gmail plugin (in fact, I've told my whole office about it).

Here's the problem I've recently discovered:

When I mouse over an item and click the envelope icon, nothing happens. The message doesn't open up at all. It just does...nothing.

(Not sure if this is relevant, but...One wrinkle you should know about: I currently have two Firefox 2.0 tabs open: My personal Gmail account, and my Google Apps (gmail) account. My personal Gmail account is where I use RTM, although it appears in both accounts.)

How do I get RTM to pull up the relevant message when I click the envelope icon on a task?



Posted at 11:06pm on January 10, 2008

dlw says:

FYI - I also use Firefox 2.0 with one tab for my Google Apps account and one for my Personal GMail account. I have no problem with the e-mail link in the task using this setup

Currently, RTM in my Apps account is not letting me create tasks by starring a message. This did work initially in both accounts and still works in my personal GMail account. When it was working in both, I did notice that if I created the task in my Apps account (via starring), then the link will not open from my personal account. This makes sense as the message is not in my personal account. Not sure if that be part of your problem.

Another thought - are you leaving the original message in your inbox or moving it elsewhere. I kow mine still makes the link if I archive the message but I haven't tried other options.

Hope some of that helps.


Posted 6 years ago

dylan.obrien says:

Having the same issue

Posted 6 years ago

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

We're checking into this -- thanks for your reports.

Posted 6 years ago

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

This issue should now be fixed -- Gmail rolled out a new version with different code, so we had to update this feature to use the new code. (You may need to clear your cache and restart your browser if reloading Gmail doesn't fix it.) Please let us know if you continue to experience problems. Thanks!

Posted 6 years ago

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