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RTM for Gmail, creating tasks when labeling not working here!

ivalladt says:

I am giving a try to the Remember the Milk for Gmail add-on for Firefox. I am amazed about how it can push my productivity forward! However everything's not working yet...

I am trying to make it create a task when I label an email as "#To Do" (The '#' makes the label appear first in the list of labels so it's more easily found). I configure Gmail settings, save them, but when I label a message as "#To Do" nothing happens on RTM's side. No task is created. I don't think the '#' is the problem: Trying a label as "aaa" is the same.

Any ideas welcome...

Posted at 8:50am on January 9, 2008

tclutterbuck says:

Creating Tasks on labeling (& starring) has stopped working for me this morning.

Posted 6 years ago

magicaljaso says:

creating tasks through starring has stopped for me too

Posted 6 years ago

gchamberlin says:

I can't get RTM to come through on GMail this morning on either my desktop or laptop machines. It was working fine on the desktop over the weekend and I just installed the firefox plugin on the laptop this morning, but nojoy on either one. I just get the standard GMail screen - nothing to the right.

Posted 6 years ago

thecrumb says:

Same here - both at home (Ubuntu) and at work (Win) - no RTM??? I miss it :(

I've reinstalled, cleared cookies and cache. Nothing works...

Posted 6 years ago

cek1227 Pro says:

See the topic: Gmail RTM Not showing up (not listed yet)

Posted 6 years ago

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