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RTM and Modified Gmail Macros v 2.0 Greasemonkey Script Conflict

wpparker says:

I am trying to use the RTM Gmail extension with the greasemonkey script Gmail Macros v2 and they seem to conflict. When attempting to rename a task, it triggers the hotkeys, i.e., typing "R" when renaming a task to "Review" triggers the "Mark Unread" action. Once it is triggered, it seems the RTM extension takes over the session so that none of the hotkeys will work until Firefox is restarted.

Please help - these two together are a killer combination.

Posted at 10:11pm on December 30, 2007

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

wpparker, thanks for letting us know. We've added this to our list to investigate -- it sounds like the other script is doing something that it shouldn't, but we may be able to work around it.

Posted 6 years ago

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