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RTM time labels in GMail not updating day to day

jjwhite says:

When I keep my computer on for days and keep Gmail open, the RTM add-on does not update the category labels (i.e. Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, etc). For example, today, I look at my task list and items due tomorrow are showing up as Next Week because Gmail has been open on my computer for days. When I refresh Gmail it is ok but I never do that.

Posted at 3:24pm on December 25, 2007

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

jjwhite, thanks for reporting this. Would it be possible to let me know if this problem is still occurring? It should hopefully be fixed (although may require a Gmail reload to get the fix).

If it still happens, could you please let me know if you're using regular Gmail or Gmail with Google Apps? Also, do you have any other Firefox extensions installed that may affect Gmail? Thanks!

Posted 6 years ago

jjwhite says:

I had my computer on last night at midnight and it clicked over properly. On that computer I am actually keeping 2 Gmail tabs open at once on Firefox. One is regualr Gmail and one is Gmail with Google Apps.

I am not using any other addons that SHOULD affect Gmail.

I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks!

Posted 6 years ago

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