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Gmail Interface Bugs

philg says:

Below are some additional bugs that I have discovered with the new Gmail RMT interface.

1) You cannot view by List name if the list name has a comma in it. Ex. a list name of Birthday's will yield no result set when selected from the Gmail interface, but a list name of Birthdays will work.

2) After adding a new list using the RTM Settings, you must logout and then log back in to see the new list using the Gamil interface.

3) After adding a task via the RTM main app., a refresh on the Gmail app. allows you to see the task. However, if you then try hovering over the task in Gmail, you do not see the detail. You must again logout and then log back in.

You friendly QA team...

Phil G.

Posted at 12:56am on December 24, 2007

philg says:

I also noticed that when selecting Lists from the drop down, 'All Tasks' does not return any values. The other Lists, Smart Lists and Tags seem to work fine.

Posted 6 years ago

philg says:

I created a Smart List 'Completed' for completed tasks that works fine in the main RTM app., but returns no results using the Gmail interface. I'm not sure why this is?

Posted 6 years ago

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